Frequently Asked Questions

Are tables and chairs included? Yes. I have 15 Round tables (6ft diameter), 8 6ft Banquet tables, 6 highboy tables & 300 total chairs. You can visit (search on Vezalay) to plan your table/chair needs for the Event Center, Pavilion, Deck and Patio areas.

Are table linens included? NO. Linens will not be provided. This is a great tool to determine what size linens you will need: linentablecloth.comAlso, tableclothfactory is a great site for affordable linens.

Is there and attendant or coordinator available on site during our event? No. However we require a Day Of Coordinator (DOC) for an event. Please refer to our contract for the responsibilities of the DOC. The DOC is not included or provided in our price but we can give you recommendations. You may also provide your own DOC but we will need their name and contact info.

How many Tables/Chairs can be placed in the Venue facilities? You can visit (search on Vezalay) to plan your table/chair capacity for the Event Center, Pavilion, Deck and Patio areas. Contact us for more information on visiting & collaborating with

How many people will the Event Center, and Pavilion facilities hold? The Event Center can hold up to 200 people if using cathedral style seating, Pavilion can hold up to 150 using cathedral seating. You can visit (search on Vezalay) to see sample floor plans/layouts. Contact us for more information on visiting & collaborating with

Must I use your specific vendors? NO, you are welcome to use whatever vendors you choose, however, we must have a list of your vendors prior to your event.You can also visit our vendor page for recommendations or for help in finding lodging and other local services.

Can I bring in my own food? YES, you can bring your own food, but you are responsible for adhearing to all terms of the contract regarding catering, cleaning, etc.

Is alcohol allowed? YES, but, you or whomever you hire, is responsible for it. No one under 21 years of age should consume alcohol on the property. We also require a Licensed Bartender when serving alcohol.

What time will we have access to the facility? Access to the facility is from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM. If you need to come earlier than that, there is a $100/hr fee to do so. This must also be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Can we have a rehearsal at any of the facilities? We recommend you rehearse the day of your event. You can easily rehearse your ceremony from any location (your home or yard) and you need not be on site to do so. If you still want additional time to rehearse on site, you may schedule 1 hour to be scheduled Monday - Thursday (between 10am and 5pm only). You must schedule this hour within one month of your event date. If you wish to schedule an our outside this time frame, we can do so for a $100 fee (must be scheduled within one month of your event date). No food is allowed at the rehearsal walk through, nor use of the kitchen/reception space. If you'd like to have a full rehearsal and dinner, you will need to reserve the entire day to do so.

Is there a discount for booking more than one day? YES, I provide a discount off the total fee if you want to have a rehearsal dinner the day before your wedding. Many brides want to decorate,rehearse and have dinner at the site the day before. The same discount applies to anyone renting the facility for more than one day for any event.

Do we need to clean the buildings after our event? YES. We ask that you remove all your trash to the dumpster on site and remove all of your belongings. If you use the kitchen, please wipe down thecounters and appliances and leave them in the condition you found them. If there are excessive spills or messes, these need to be cleaned. If any furniture was moved outside, you will need to move it back inside. You will need to adjust the temperature, turn out the lights and lock the doors. We do provide a Clean Up Service if you prefer to have someone take care of these things for you.

How do I reserve a date? If you decide to use a Vezalay facility for your event, you will first need to check our calendar for date availability, then you must sign a contract and pay a deposit to hold your date. The deposit is applied to the final balance which is due three months prior to your event. A credit card or check is required to reserve the facility.

How many cars will fit in your parking lot? The parking lot can hold 100-150 cars. It's a gravel lot with free form parking. Additionally there are 3 asphalt handicap spaces. If you have a larger group,you may want to consider carpooling, where possible. Dahlonega has several tansportation companies who can bus your group in as well. Please refer tothe Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce site for help in finding providers.

Do you have measurements of the spaces? Please contact us directly for all floor plan dimensions and set-up arrangements.You can also visit (search on Vezalay) to plan your table/chair capacity for the Event Center, Pavilion, Deck and Patio areas.Contact us for more information on visiting & collaborating with

Is smoking allowed inside the buildings? NO, please no smoking inside. There are cigarette receptacles outside for you and your guests.

Can we set up a tent in the yard or hang additional lighting? YES, however, we ask that you stake the tent in the bedding areas, where possible, to keep from damaging the sod. Use existing hooks to hang outdoor lighting.

Can we have a wedding outside? YES, we have a Pavilion with Spectacular mountain views which can hod up to 150 people!

Can we use the tables outside? Yes…if provider of tables gives the approval for such use. Typically you would reserve tables for outdoor use and they would be fine. Vezalay tables are not allowed for outdoor use, unless specifically approved by Vezalay management. Further, if it is approved, they must be brought back inside at the conclusion of your event.

Can the Event Center benches be used outside for a ceremony? NO, please reserve appropriate tables/chairs/benches for outside ceremonies or other events.

Is there lodging nearby? YES, there are options from cabins to hotels in the local area. Please refer to the Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce site for a comprehensive list of places to stay. In addition Limelight Inn is just down and across the street from us and many people use them.

Are candles allowed? You can use candles as long as they are completely enclosed inside a container to eliminate any possibility of wax spills and fire hazards. We recommendusing battery operated candles.

Are flower petals allowed? YES, but only if you have them swept out prior to your departure. They tend to crush into the floors and cause damage.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept check or charge.

Any do's and don'ts? No birdseed, rice, confetti, beads, fake flower petals or silly spray please. These things are very difficult or impossible to clean from the exterior andbirdseed creates weeds. We suggest you use bubbles or sparklers as an alternative.

What are we required to sign in the contract? An example of the contract is provided upon request:

Can I hang decorations on the walls? YES, however, please use the existing nails. No permanent holes should be created in the walls or floors. If you must hang things, please use commandhooks and only apply them to the window or door moulding - NOT ON THE WALL! These hooks tend to rip sections of paint from the walls.

What supplies are on site? We will provide trash bags in all garbage cans (a total of 2 per can and we have 4, 55 gallon trash cans). We also supply toilet paper, paper towels, sponge, dish soap, cleaning supplies,and hand soap. You will find brooms, dustpans and mops in the pantry in the kitchen. Please do not use the trash cans and trash bags for your set-up as they are there for your use following your event. You should plan to dispose of or store any set-up (trash)…or you may bring your own extra supply of trash bags for this purpose.

Do you allow same sex marriages? YES! We welcome all couples.

Can we come earlier than 10 AM? YES, however there is a $100 fee per hour to do so and it must be approved beforehand by Vezalay management

Can we have a fire pit? YES, you can have a firepit but only with prior approval from Vezalay Mgt Team. Fire pits must not be placed on the sod or grass areas. You can place it onthe concrete and if you are going to dispose of the ashes on site, make sure the fire is completely extinguished and dump at least 200 ft away from buildingand the landscaping. You should also check with Lumpkin County before using a fire pit to ensure outdoor burning is allowed the day of your event.

Can we have our dog in the buildings or part of our ceremony? YES, but only with advance approval from Vezalay Mgt team. They must also be completely picked up after. Rule of thumb is there should be no evidenceleft behind of a pet being on the premesis.

Do you have a place where we can collaborate with past and present couples? We are working with a Facebook/Instagram Collaboration site to communicate with other couples that are planning their wedding and others that may have items to sell. Note: this is currently under development.